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Der Countdown l?uft

Ja, noch sind Seba und ich hier bei mir Zuhause, haben Erdbeeren in allen m?glichen Formen gegessen, Tour de France geschaut und ich habe mich mal wieder von Kr?mel zerkratzen lassen.
Morgen geht es dann nach Calw. Zum letzten Mal.
Ich kann es irgendwo gar nicht glauben, dass nun drei Jahre vorbei sind, dass die Ausbildung vorbei ist.
Nat?rlich hat dies Vorteile, z.B. endlich richtiges Gehalt - und das net wenig.
Aber es bedeutet auch, dass ich einige Menschen nicht mehr oder weniger sehen werde. Um manchen tut es mir leid und ich hoffe, dass man sich weiterhin gelegentlich sieht, bei anderen bin ich ganz froh dar?ber oder es ist mir ganz einfach egal.
Drei Jahre... wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Und wie viele Menschen in Calw "gekommen und gegangen" sind. Hatte wirklich einen hohen Verschleiss an Mitbewohnerinnen.
Egal, heute werden Seba und ich nicht mehr viel machen und Montag werden die Lehrer uns wahrscheinlich die Ohren ablabbern. Dienstag bekommen wir wohl die Zeugnisse, Mittwoch kann ich nochmal faulenzen und muss nicht mal in die Schule und, ja, am Donnerstag ist es dann vorbei.
Dr?ckt mir als ab 11 uhr die Daumen!



Song des Mausklicks: Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver
3.7.05 17:28


So sehen Gewinner aus!

Cynthia, moi et Mona

Es ist vollbracht! Gestern am 07.07.2005 habe ich erfolgreich meine Ausbildung abgeschlossen. Und das mit einem ansehlichen und zeigbaren Schnitt von 1,8 plus Preis und erw?nschte 1 in Deutsch und Englisch. Was will man mehr?
Ich werde nie mehr als Sch?ler nach Calw gehen, nie mehr nahezu in Herrn K?hlweins Unterricht einschlafen und nie mehr die Augen rollen, wenn Frau Rahn mal wieder mit Arbeitsbl?ttern um sich wirft.
Doch werde ich auch leider Herrn M?ller nicht mehr so bald sehen, ebenso Nadine... Auch werde ich das kleene Pub nicht mehr aufsuchen. Es herrschen gro?e Gef?hlsschwankungen wegen jenem Ende...

Was war noch?
Tja, ich hatte gestern gerade die m?ndliche Pr?fung hinter mir, als mein Bruder anrief und mir von London berichtete.
Um ehrlich zu sein, es ?berraschte mich nicht.
Seit Beginn der Konflikte und der Zusammenarbeit der Briten und Amerikanern wartete ich eigentlich nur darauf, dass es zu Anschl?gen in London kommen w?rde. Viele Londoner warteten ebenfalls. Nat?rlich ist schlimm, was passierte, doch seien wir froh, dass das Ausma? nicht gr??er ist und es nicht zu ?ber Hunderten oder gar Tausenden von Toten gekommen ist.
Ich lasse mich zumindest nicht abschrecken und reise n?chste Woche wie geplant auf die Insel, zumal ich denke, dass der ?berraschungsmoment vorbei ist und Al Kaida sich schon ihr n?chstes Ziel in Italien oder sonst wo gesucht hat...

Song des Mausklicks: Coldplay - Speed of Sound
8.7.05 13:42

A new beginning

Okay guys, time for something new.
After all of my friends changed their Blogg layouts or did anything else, I decided to do the same with my own Blogg.
But I haven't time to design a layout, especially as I don't know what it should be like.
So I just change language.
This is a nice try for me to let my English soul fly and for my boyfriend Seba to improve his English knowledge.
So we're gonna have a try and see how it'll work.

Let's tell you about my weekend: it was really nothing.
Saturday I had busy work at the library and Sunday Seba came up to my place where he'll stay with me until the end of our holidays. Sunday also was Cynthia's birthday. We still try to get something together for her stupid present. Sorry Cyn...
But finally we've got some ideas.

Soon we'll set off for London. I'm really excited as it's been a year since my last stay over there. Curious what'll have changed. I just made a plan of what I want to buy and it seems as if I'll spend too much... But doesn't matter cos at the end of this month I'll earn my first full salary after three years of just getting enough money to buy me some chocolat a month and some goodies for my baby bunnies. So it'll be good and Seba and I'll do some shopping as my wardrobe longs for new stuff. We just removed all the mess and stuff my Dad left in my so-called "walk-in-wardrobe". Now there is so much space and that really needs to be filled up again. Just think of all the kilts and chucks I haven't yet...

Anyway, gotta go right now but you'll hear from me again very, very soon.

Song of the day: Foo Fighters - The best of you
12.7.05 18:48

All my bags are nearly packed, not long and I'll be ready to go...

I'll be leaving on a jetplane,
I don't know when I'll be back again

Tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow my real holidays'll start and I'll be leaving this place, going to London!
I've already got my travel stuff around me, only have to put it into the bag. I'm just feeling sorry for not being able to take Kr?mel and Cookie with me. Especially as Cookie loves to sit in and discover travel bags. But I promised to get them some goodies from Harrod's. That'll be very expensive... Maybe I can pull the wool over their eyes and buy something cheap but present it in a Harrod's bag. My poor baby bunnies... so much time sitting in their cage and waiting for me... Or better waiting for me to get out again and turning their goodies-box into a take-away-station.

Anyway, yesterday I renovated the whole blogg. Hope you'll have a look at it as it wasn't easy to translate everything but I think I did a good job. I also put a new link to Matti's blogg. Matti's a nice friend from Hanover, studying in G?ttingen.
I also tried using photoshop and I must say that because of that programme really everybody can be a photographer or call himself an artist as you can fake and montage everything. *pfffff* To me real art is if someone knows to take gorgeous pics with a reflex camera without any digital crap.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll find time to use an internet cafe over there but I won't promise. Wish you all a great time and we'll speak later.

Song of the Day: Ralph McTell - The streets of London
14.7.05 18:24

I woke up today in London

That?s it, I?m back from London after a fab stay with fantastic weather, lots of happenings and money-spends.
It all started by arrival. The flight with Ryan Air was really okay but in London we first had to deal with the consequences of the bomb attacks. For this I really want to kick the asses of all fucking terrorists! Because of them the main part of London?s underground lines were cancelled. It wasn?t easy to get from Liverpool Street Station to Hammersmith and we finally got off the train at Shepherds Bush. What a mess, it took us more than one hour to find our hotel because Hammersmith isn?t shown at any London map. Finally we arrived at it and there was no similarity between the room we stayed in the next days and the one I saw in the catalogue. Even though it was okay, I?ll be contacting the travel agency. Maybe we?ll get some money back? But the tiny room shouldn?t bother us.
Saturday I bought the first of my new two kilts and a tube mug while guiding Seba and Cynthia through the streets of London. Most time we took busses because of the suspended tube lines. But in a way this was funny. By bus you really see a lot more of London and you?re taken through parts you normally don?t go to. Sure it takes more time but at last we really only wanted to go by bus. We really enjoyed the hopping onto the old ones which you can board and leave at red traffic lights or traffic jams. What a pity that they?ll leave London in December. So maybe this was my last chance to have a ride with them?
Anyway, after shopping and sightseeing we went to Hyde Park for a R.E.M. concert. Of course we didn?t have to buy tickets. As it was an open air concert we sat beside the gates in the green, having a look at the screens and listening to the music ? without standing in the crowd!
We started Sunday with a visit at the British Museum and after that I bought my next kilt at the Highland store over there. We even passed Russel Street and could see the white tarpaulins that keeps view from the bombed bus. Next we went to see melting pot Camden Town with its markets of goths, punks and other ethnic groups.
At Leicester Square we took a look at the premiere of ?Charly and the chocolate factory? ? starring Johnny Depp, Christopher Lee and Helena Bonham-Carter. Because of the crowd we didn?t see them, but we heard the fans screaming and watched the actor giving interviews and autographs on the big screen. It was kinda cool knowing that Johnny wasn?t far from us?
This London stay I had my first visit at the Imperial War Museum. I really liked it there and propose everyone to go there as it?s very interesting and because of the interactive exhibitions not ?dead? like the British Museum.
As library assistants we also went to the British Library where Seba wanted to look for Harry Potter. He didn?t. But I bought the adult and prettier version of the book for 8 pounds at a supermarket. That?s about 12 Euro ? so I got it cheaper than in Germany!
Okay, now I won?t spoil you anymore with my holiday memories. We did see very much and we spent a lot. And for the terrorists I think the same like Londoners do:

London Impressions

@Tinkerbell: I did see a lot of Jonny over there! Now I know!

Song of the day: 3 Doors Down ? Landing in London

20.7.05 16:58

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