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The heat of summer sunshine

Finally it seems to be summer over here again. Just have to ask myself how long it'll be like that.
Anyway, maybe you wonder why you didn't hear from me the last days. I can tell you: it's all Harry's fault! The last week I used my evenings just to read the new Harry Potter which wasn't easy as I had a lot of work. But I'm through now! I won't tell anything about it, just that I'm a bit disappointed. But if Mrs Rowling wants to go that way...
Seba was with me at the weekend and we went to do our first big shopping with our first big salary!
He bought himself a laptop and I, well I got a new stereo system - MP3 compatible! Now I can listen to my audio books again.

Well, that's all for now but tomorrow I'll write more.

Song of the day: Foo Fighters - The deepest blues are black
1.8.05 21:46


Nothing really happens... my boring life at the moment. Work sucks and I just wait for the weekends to breathe free from all.
But what happened is that Seba and I definately decided to go to Glasgow in November or December. Maybe my beloved Tinkerbell will be over there, too, and we'll be able to meet. We'll not just stay in Glasgow but also plan a trip to Edinburgh for a day. Poorly we haven't enough money to set off for the highlands but this will be possible next year. I'm just so excited to go there after I'm kinda fed up with London. It's really time to make a "set-change" and try to find men wearing kilts... Seba is more interested in the music scene of Glasgow, which seems to be the centre of independent music. So this city must be a paradise for both of us.
There will also be a trip to Europa Park coming up next month. I haven't been there for seven years and it'll be a lot of fun.
Kr?mel and Cookie still love to be cheeky and steel my belongings or use my big bed as race track. Poor Kr?mel is a little bit injured by Cookie because she still fancies him and tries to turn him on.
So you see, my life's really boring and the lousy summer doesn't help it.
But for my sheep-bag Bobbl changed a lot. I got him a girlfriend:

Bobbl is the black one - an Irishman - and the beige one is his new girl from Scotland. Maybe for some they are just stupid bags, but for me they are my sheep! We just need a name for her. Any ideas?

Okay, now I'll leave for a bite of cereals - an idea I have from sick and ill Linny, although I won't have Nougat bits!

Song of the day: The Subways - You got me

7.8.05 16:56


Can?t you see that I?m sick of this?
Chances are you?re oblivious to how I feel
Sitting on your thrown and I?m sure
That I?m not alone
Not alone, not alone

I didn?t think that you?d sell me out
Now I know what your all about
You might feel in control of things
But your not holding all the strings
All the strings , all the strings

I?ve swallowed all your answers
I?ve swallowed all my pride
If you stop all your chances
I could keep this all inside

Tell me please
Who the fuck did you want me to be
Was it something that I couldn?t see
Never knew this would be so political

And please
I?m still wearing this miserable skin
And its starting to tear from within
But its obvious that doesn?t bother you

So please
Don?t keep telling that it?s ok
I don?t buy all the shit that you say
And quite honestly I?m fucking sick of it.

So please
If I cut off this nose from my face
Then I wouldn?t feel so out of place
But it still wouldn?t be quite enough for you
So please.

Song of the Day: Staind - Please
9.8.05 20:56

"Hier spricht Inspector Macintosh von Scotland Yard..."

Tell me, do you know Inspector Mac Macintosh, the orphans Betty, Benny and Buck Buff, Granny Josephine Summerstick and the parrot Lord Jickledy?
Let me explain: those people are heroes of mine! They are the main characters of the cassette serie "Scotland Yard". I can't tell you how often I sat next to the cassette deck and followed them chasing burglars, kidnappers and other criminals through the streets of London, supported by the game map of the Ravensburger game "Scotland Yard".
Today I write about this as I really have a childhood-memories-flashback. Since last week I'm trying to get stuff I liked and adored when I was a child. I don't mind what people may think... I enjoy listen to "Scotland Yard", "Bille & Zottel", "Jan Tanner" and many others until I fall asleep. This is like my secret hidden world, my neverland, my chocolate factory...

Anyway, after a weekend including pedal boat, Seba's birthday and less funny happenings I'm back at home and will return to work tomorrow. Maybe this time I will know more to write to you. Now I just want to ask you to have a look at the two banners I put on this blogg. Both lead to organisations which I really support and need to be supported.

Song of the day: The Cranberries - Animal Instinct

15.8.05 21:53

Next mood swing in about five minutes

Wednesday evening and I'm feeling jazzy, sitting here with my cappuccino, piece of cake and listening to Madeleine Peyroux after I had an very relaxed day.
I didn't work too much and left the library early which was good because my new wardrobe was delivered and needed to be assembled. This was a hard job, I can tell ya. For that wardrobe I didn't need much strength but height! And that part of me is missing. So dwarf Yvonne had to work with a chair to stick the pieces together. But finally I won and my skirts, coats and jackets are placed in it.
You see, after that work I owe myself a nice evening like this. Maybe lI'll get some ideas about a layout as I'm really fed up with this black. What about royal blue? Or tartan? Have to talk to Eileen about that...
Okay, but now I'm better off before I'm starting to feel grumpy again. How much I love my mood swings and being a woman!

Good night, Neverland!

Song of the Day: Kasabian - Club Foot
17.8.05 22:10

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