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She works hard for the money...

Here I go again. You haven't heard from me a long time cos I was really busy. I started this week going to work by bike. After three days I feel just fucked. My bum hurts and I can hardly feel my legs. But give me a few days more and I'm gonna do like Lance Armstong!
I also started to begin work at seven o'clock in the morning, not at eight anymore. I do because I have a lot of work and I'm able to leave earlier if I start earlier. Very logical, isn't it?
Next Sunday I'll also be electoral assistent. I'm not that interested in politics but they pay a lot of money for sitting one afternoon at a polling station. I think I'm gonna take the new Gabaldon book with me in case of bordom...

Anyway, time to go. I'll spend this weekend with Seba at his place. But don't think it will be a relaxing weekend at Lake Constance. We'll be very busy doing Seba's removal.
You see, I really do work hard for the money!

Song of the Day: James Blunt - Wisemen
9.9.05 16:03


Looks German...

Actually I wanted to write about Sebas removal but lovely
Linny gave me that goodie. So here we go:

1. Eine Sache, die du heute tust, von der du mit 16 nie gedacht h?ttest, dass du sie jemals tun w?rdest:

I never thought I would work in a library and share a flat with two bunnies...

2. Das Letzte, was du gekauft hast, ohne dass es irgendeinen Sinn gehabt h?tte:

A stapler that looks like a crocodile.

3. Einen Spitznamen von dir, den heute niemand mehr verwendet/kennt:


4. Ein gro?es Ziel in deinem Leben, das du noch erreichen willst:

Never ever be unemployed again.

5. Den gr??ten Unsinn, den du als Kind gebaut hast:

Doing this fucking selfmade-movie with my brother and cousin.

6. Ein , aus heutiger Sicht, vielleicht peinliches Poster das du in deinem Zimmer h?ngen hattest:

Just think of a lot of baby animals...

7. Dein gr??ter ?Medienauftritt? (Fernsehen, Zeitung, Radio etc.):

I had one?

8. Vereine in denen du als Kind Mitglied warst:


9. Dein aktueller Lieblingswitz, einer der dir gerade einf?llt:

Just come to the library...

10. Woher kennst du die Person, von der du dieses St?ckchen bekommen hast kennst:

She was suddenly there and never left...

That's it! And I give this goodie to
Cynthia, Tinkerbell and Hummelchen.

Song of the Day: The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen
15.9.05 22:50

The Flu vs. Yvonne - Part I

The season began. It's not even October and I suffer from influenza. And it seems like she'll win this first round. It started last week when I walked home after work - but don't you dare to think I didn't wear warm clothes! I did! But it didn't help.
So I couldn't enjoy the weekend at Seba's. I was more busy sniffing and using the toilet after drinking about 3 litre of tea... But I watched the first episodes of "MSCL" and dyed my hair black-purple.

Anyway, let me tell you what I wanted to write about last time: Seba now lives near Switzerland, in a town called Gottmadingen. I really would like to live there myself. Not only because of the cheap petrol...
His flat is really a cute one. Not bigger than the rooms I live in but very nice. It's an attic flat with inclines. That's why it's very easy to bump your head nearly everywhere... It consists of a big living room, a smaller spare room, bathroom and a kitchen - and of course in that kitchen rules a shortage of healthy food or better say there's a shortage of food itself. But I guess that's it when a young guy lives on his own. Although he doesn't live alone if you think of all those gnats flying around there. Really don't have a clue how they come in through closed windows...

Okay folks, time for another cup o'tea, to scare Cookie and Kr?mel off and to call also-sick Seba to wish him goodnight.

Song of the Day: Lifehouse - Hanging by a moment
27.9.05 22:29

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