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Walpurgisnight in Ulm

Yesterday was so great! Seba and I have been in Ulm to see Schandmaul live. The concert was very good as the band played the whole two-hour-DVD-programme - acoustic and accompanied by an orchestra.
After the show the band also came to the bars for having a drink and talk with the fans. So we did get autographs from four of them and my big idol Birgit - she's playing the pipes and flutes - even touched my Evenstar-pendant and talked to me about it! I mean it was so amazing to see that they were all normal people and musicians not putting on airs but hanging around with their fans.
Better be off now and go ahead remembering that fantastic evening...

Song of the Day: Schandmaul - Willst du
1.10.05 18:27


Hase is down...

Just a short entry: Hase is broken.
No, not one of my lovely bunnies, but my notebook. Since yesterday it doesn't start anymore. What a fuck. Now I have to send it for repair and it'll take three or four weeks till I'll have it back.
So again I have to sit down here in my father's cold room. But maybe it's something good not to have internet up in my rooms as so it's possible that I'll clean up there or finish my book. But also I'm very tired at night because of that much work I have at the library, so I guess I'll go to bed early... Argh, skip it! I want my laptop back!

Before I leave I want Linny to know this:

If you need me, call me
No matter where you are
No matter how far
Just call my name
And I'll be there in a hurry
You don't have to worry

Song of the Day: Daniel Powter - Bad day
5.10.05 19:59

Back in the picture...

... that's not what I actually am.
I mean I'm still waiting for my beloved Hase to come back to me. It really sucks that he's not here and I feel like I'm missing a lot because I can't use the internet whenever and how often I want... But maybe I'll have him back this weekend.

What more to tell you? Errr, there isn't really a lot. Because of the library day this Saturday I have got a lot of work which means I leave the house in the morning and come back after 6 o'clock in the evening.
As there is no computer I use the new library's offer and take a lot of DVDs with me. I already saw a lot of crap but very good movies, too. I really loved "The Girl with a Pearl Earring". And not only because of long-haired Colin Firth and good-looking Cillian Murphy... But tell me, isn't he smart?

So, gotta go now as Daddy wants to sit down here but I'll write another entry on Thursday.

Song of the Day: The Subways - I want to hear what you have got to say
18.10.05 18:58


We just did it! Seba and I booked our Christmas Shopping in London. So watch out those two days: December 16th to 17th... Maybe you'll see me rushing down Oxford Street with a lot of full-packed bags in my hands while Seba has to carry the others.

Yesterday has been "Day of the Libraries" and ours was a real success. We sold a lot at the flea market and the new DVD section lured much more people than usually into the building.
After all day work we went all together to diner with yummy Tiramisu as dessert.

Hase is still not back with me but I hope he'll get home in the next days as I'm really bothered of fighting with my father about who's turn it is to use the computer...

Song of the Day: Loreena McKennit - The Mummer's Dance
23.10.05 15:47

The Flu vs. Yvonne - Part II

Ha ha, that's it, the flu and me in second round.
It started this afternoon. The nasty, malicious flu came after me and tried to strike me down with sore throat, headache and sick nose.
I just hope that I will stand it because I planned bulk purchase in Constance and a visit at a kilt maker's this weekend. So please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Maybe you also realised that nice weather information on the left. I just saw it at Linny's and thought maybe somebody wants to know the Heidenheim weather.

That's all for now, speak to you soon

Song of the Day: ELIS - Sie erfasst mein Herz
24.10.05 22:39

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