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The Return of Hase and other mishaps

Before you are going to report me as a missing person I prefer to present you a new entry. And like you can take from the heading, I write these lines at my beloved notebook Hase.
After a long time he's finally back with me. But it wasn't an euphoric moment the first time I switched him on again. Why? Because everything is gone. Really everything. There are no music files, no pictures, no text files anymore. Nothing.
I couldn't believe it.
It was like a part of my life was missing and that's what it really is. A lot of not returnable memories... Now I can only remember without having a look at pictures...
The whole week I was busy collecting stuff to make him "my Hase" again.

But now I'll tell you about something more nice than my broken notebook: my weekend.
It took us more than a year but this weekend we've done it and I visited Linny at Hannover.
I arrived Friday and first I had to take an intensive look at her sweet flat. It's really a nice one. Especially the kitchen with all its London decoration took my whole attention. Though the porn bedroom wasn't bad, too. After these investigations and a visit at Eileen's parents next door, we made ourselves some pizza and watched "My so-called Life" until five o'clock in the morning.
Saturday we were joined by Moni, her boyfriend Mathias and Matti for a wet evening, which meant a lot of alcohol, a stupid drinking game without any drinking and a lot of dirty jokes... Khatereh also kept our company with a more than one hour lasting phone call from Austria... In a way it was like she's been there, too.

Now I'm back home, wondering about poor Hummelchen and what to say to her about the whole mess. Same goes for Linny.
Love sometimes really, really sucks...

Song of the Day: Franz Ferdinand - Do you want to

13.11.05 21:45


Paint the Sky with Stars

Yes, yes I know. I really owe you an entry.
So, here it is:

Many days have past since my stay at Linny's but like normal nothing really happened. Last weekend Seba joined me and my baby bunnies and we had a relaxing time, followed by a lot of work and: snow!
I just hope that we'll be lucky and having a winter wonderland this Christmas. I already started to sort out presents for my beloved ones. Doing this fills nearly up my whole days as I'm trying something new this year. Just a mess that I can' show pics or tell more about that...

Today my mum finally pushed me into Christmas feeling after she had turned our house into a Christmas gift shop with all that decoration. And of course I had to help her to bake all those cookies and other goodies. But now we've got enough for Seba, Stefan and Frank to share...

Okay, time for a cup of tea and you'll be able to read more next time.

Song of the Day: Danny Elfman - Moondance
26.11.05 22:18

Such a lovely day

Today is a good day, a really good day.
Because it is Linny's birthday!

Happy Birthday, my little Lila-Laune-Maus! I'm so glad to know you and proud that you are my funny little friend!

That's all?
No, today's also the anniversary of Seba and me! One year together!
Can't believe that he's still with me after all this time... I mean I know that I can really be very difficult and my mood swings can be just so annoying... And I'm always so impatient, lazy and unforgiving and... but after all he's still with me and all I can say is:

Thank you, Hase, for singing so horrible to make me feel better, to make me laugh, to make me smile and so many others feelings I have only because of you!

What more to say? Thanks to Linny for creating me the new header. I just felt for a change and as I adore Tim Burton's Corpse Bride I wanted Emily to be shown and here she is.
Tomorrow Nadine and I will go to see Runrig in Stuttgart. The start of a long concert serie...???

Song of the Day: ENYA - It's in the Rain
30.11.05 19:52

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