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And I'll be in Scotland afore ya ...

One hour to go and I'll be stepping down the glory road to Nadine. There I'll get some tasty food and after that we'll both be off to Stuttgart to see Runrig in the Liederhalle.
It's a special Christmas Tour and we don't know what it'll be like but because it's Runrig it'll be just wickett!
I hope to be able to take some pics to show you...

Anyway, gotta go on here to be ready in time!

Song of the Day: Runrig - Loch Lomond

1.12.05 13:05


There must be a place under the sun ...

where hearts of olden glory grow young *sing*

We absolutely had a brilliant night tonight here in Stuttgart!
What a mess Bruce didn't say that but Nadine and I really felt like this! The concert was amazing. But let me tell you right from the start:

On Thursday I left work at about 2 o'clock and after a break at home I arrived at Nadine's at 5 o'clock. Nadine already waited for me and cooked delicious baked noodles. While eating we exchanged the latest news about our lives and Nadine kept me laughing with her men stories. Before setting off to Stuttgart, Nadine had to take out her little doggy Lucky and I checked the sex of her Rabbit. What a luck, Bruce is really male... After that we drove to Backnang to catch the train to Stuttgart. When we sat in it, Nadine's mobile rang and a guy she met last Saturday asked her out for a date. Of course we both were happy about that!
Anyway, we arrived at Stuttgart and got to the Liederhalle. While waiting there Nadine's mobile rang again but because of all those people and the music she didn't understand who spoke to her and hung up. All she got was that it had been a woman. Finally the show started:
And it was so great to be back on the stamping ground, to where it all began, to be alive again and to dance around the floor and ... sorry, I'm drifting away remembering all those lyrics. We stood in the third row and had a good look at the stage after we wrestled down a goofy guy, who was as big as bigfoot.
Here some impressions:

Short explanation:
1. Lead singer Bruce
2. Bass player and Gaelic singer Rory
3. Piano player Brian
4. Bruce and guitar player Malcolm
6. Drummer Ian, Percussion player Colum, Malcolm and Brian

Sorry the pics are that bad but the camera's flash just to slow...

After the concert we went back to the train station and Nadine checked the message box of her mobile. And guess who called while we waited for Runrig? The wife of the guy who called her just a few hours ago! I mean until he called her Nadine didn't even know his name and now there was his wife, telling Nadine to stop those games and not to destroy the family! We really laughed our arses off...

Friday I was very tired. I still don't know how I worked that day. But I remember my brother calling me late at night because of love-sickness. So much heartache that I had to get up again and meet him...

Life is hard.

Song of the Day: Runrig - Book of golden stories
4.12.05 21:59

Irish Wedding Oath

"As I kiss your hand, my heart is unsure.
Yet I dare to hope, so I court you.
As we walk hand in hand you turn my heart round.
Then I turn to you and kiss you As we stand, clasping hands.
So you hold my heart and I love you Forever, I love you"

"As you kiss my hand, my heart is unsure.
Yet I dare to hope that you court me.
As we walk hand in hand you turn my heart round.
Then you turn to me and kiss me as we stand, clasping hands.
So you hold my heart and I love you Forever, I love you"

I just love these lines so much! I think that's enough explanation for putting them in here. Especially in that holy times.

Song of the Day: Josh Groban - Remember when it rained

8.12.05 14:26

On holiday!

Today was my last day at work. Now I'm going to have two weeks full of peace, silence, relaxation and just time for myself.
But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stay at home all the time. No, I've got so much to do:
- Tomorrow's a friend's birthday
- Sunday Seba's gonna join me
- Monday: Franz Ferdinand live at Munich
- Thursday: off to London

So I'll be quite busy, you see. But of course I'm gonna put some lines here and then.
Today I also found a nice song by Lee Ryan, ex-member of Blue, and I noticed that after all I still like that soft brit pop a la Blue, Sugababes, Atomic Kitten... Sometimes I just need it, blame me for that. Now I'll leave you with the lyrics of the song and feel 17 again...

There she goes once again,
The ghost of our love, it's making me shiver,
It's only small drops of pain,
But even the rain can turn into rivers,
Thought I'd be safe, living behind this wall,
But the pressures too much, and it's starting to fall.

So how do I get over you,
How do I survive living half the life that I knew,
Oh how do I get over you?
When you take away,
Everything I held to be true,
I wonder if you feel it too, do you?

Everywhere that I turn, there's something there,
Something to remind me,
When I sleep it's alone, still I reach out,
As if you're beside me,
Thought I'd be safe, I tried to find something new,
But everything that I did,
Is something we used to do.

Seems like every place, every person we knew,
Every sound every taste, reminds me of you,
I thought this would be gone, but it's still so strong,
I keep holding on, what else can I do?

Song of the Day: Lee Ryan - How do I?

9.12.05 23:13

Find me and follow me ...

... through corridors, refectories and files you must follow,
leave this academic factory
You will find me in the matinee
The dark of the matinee ...

Yes, it's nearly time for Seba and me to leave for concert of Franz Ferdinand. My private concert tour goes on and on... I mean two weeks ago I was at Runrig's show, tonight Franz Ferdinand and in January we'll see James Blunt and the Foo Fighters. Okay, the last ones only interest Seba but as he went with me to Schandmaul it's my turn to go with to a group he likes. That's partnership!
Yesterday we wachted "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", the second part of the chronicles of Narnia. And I really don't know what all those people and movie critics expect cos most of them gave the movie bad marks and compare it to "The Lord of the Rings". Hello!? Narnia is a fairytale for children and not a fantasy book for adults! Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and they really stayed close to the book. I even bought the Soundtrack today, as the music's so emotional!

Now let me Seba throw out off bed as it's really time to make ourselves ready.

Nighty night!

Song of the Day: Franz Ferdinand - Tell her tonight
12.12.05 15:57

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