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Let's do the new St?ckchen I got from Linny.

Four jobs in my life:

- shop assistent
- entertainer at a hotel
- postwoman
- library assistent

Four movies I can always watch:

- The last unicorn
- Three hazelnuts for cinderella
- Black Hawk Down
- Corpse Bride

Four places I lived at:

- Heidenheim
- La Romana
- Calw
- ?

Four TV-Series I love to watch:

- Gilmore Girls
- King of Queens
- CSI: Las Vegas
- My so-called life

Four places I went for vacations:

- London/England
- Galway/Ireland
- Punta Cana/Dominican Republic
- Manerba/Italy

Four favorite food:

- Tortellini a la Pana
- Sandwiches
- Pizza
- Chinese duck

Four websites I take a look at every day:


Four places I'd like to be right now:

- at Starbucks in London
- at Tower Bridge in London
- at an Irish Coast with a lot of sheep around me
- just somewhere else

Four Blogg-User who should join this:

- Tinkerbell
- Hummelchen
- Cynthia
- ...

Song of the Day: James Blunt - I really want you

1.2.06 15:23


What I hate about weekends...

Sobald deine Laune etwas schlechter ist,
bild ich mir gleich ein, dass du mich nicht mehr willst.
Ich sterbe beim Gedanken daran,
dass ich dich nicht f?r immer halten kann...

There it goes, another lousy Saturday I wish I could spend in a different way but as it seems I will have to go bowling with my friends and family.
What's the problem about that?

1. Again I'm kinda sick and have a bad cold.
2. I'd rather prefer to be on my own.
3. The blind date.

Yes, a blind date. Why do friends always think they have to make you happy with stuff like that? I can't find the answer. And now I have to team up with a guy I don't know and who thinks that after that evening we could meet another time again.

Anyway, think I'll go and suffer again.

Song of the Day: Farin Urlaub - Ph?nomenal egal
4.2.06 15:06

This is ladies night!

Long time no lines from me and now I'm in a hurry and don't have really time to write about the last days. And I even can't remember what all happened. So let's give it a try:

The date on Saturday wasn't that bad. The guy was even kinda nice but not the sort of man I fancy...
About my week? Just busy, busy, busy... But I remember that I was happy about U2 winning so much prices at the Grammys.

Now I sit here in the library and can't wait til I'll be off to Freiburg to visit Julia. Tonight we'll have chocolate fondue and DVDs and tomorrow we'll go to the city and the evening we'll spend in a lovely pub.

That's all I know so far. I wish all of you a nice weekend and promise to write a longer entry soon.

Song of the Day: Nirvana - Lithium

10.2.06 10:36

The secret dreamworld of a lunatic like me

Dreams are my reality... *sing*

That's it, little Yvonne is very happy again. Days, weeks have passed and my mind was so bursted and my thoughts only circling around one tiny little person: Seba.
And he's really all that's happening in my life now.
It's unbelievable how a row can change yourself and your way of thinking. I can't find the words without sounding like a stupid romantic but fact is that I know that I want to spend my life with him. I've never been so sure about this like I'm now. I can see us both in a flat (or later a little house) with the two bunnys, his cat and a dog. I can see him swearing about his computer while I sit on the couch reading a book. I can see us trying to cook meal and discussing about how to do it. I can see myself moarning about him leaving his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor... And him, rolling his eyes while I'm talking about me becoming fat. And...
And I'm so silly, eh? I mean do men ever have thoughts like these??? To be true, I really hope so...

By the way: The weekend at Julia's was very funny. I really enjoyed Freiburg and was surprised how much I could remember of the city. Friday night we were drunk and I think I should get drunk more than I did the last year. Not that I want to become an alcoholic but it just feels interesting and some drinks taste so good... And I write bullocks again...

Song of the Day: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

I forgot to tell you that I renew some stuff of the Blog. So just have a look sometime.

20.2.06 19:31

Kiss the Frog!

I just tried to figure which Muppet doll I would be.
So here we go...

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.

You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.

Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.

Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!

So where is the prince to kiss me? Really don't wanna end like this.

Song of the Day: Blondie - Some day or another

23.2.06 11:47

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