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My loved ones

After a horrible weekend including Monday I couldn't enjoy that much I think it's time to dedicate a post to Krümel and Cookie. My two lovely bunnies will never leave me til death do us part! Sounds crazy but pets are so much more worth than you think!

I leave you now but I promise I'll be ok soon, so don't you worry, Eileen. Because after all you can find so much comfort in music...

I hope that you miss me, put me down on history
I feel such a reject now, get yourself a life
I hope that you're sorry for not accepting me
For not adoring me
That's why I'm not your wife

Song of the Day: The Cranberries - Loud & Clear
4.4.06 18:52


Being bored...

This is how I feel at the moment. Normally I would have finished here at the library in about an hour but because Dani is sick I have to make her turn at the service center.
So I sit here and wait until four o'clock to go there.
I was already shopping again today. I needed a new jacket, a shorter one than my others, no coat. And I found one. Looks a bit military style, is khaki and was very, very expensive cos it's from Esprit. I normally don't like buying trademarks but I figured out that it isn't easy to buy stuff at H&M in Heidenheim these days. Why? Because since we have that shop here in Heidenheim everyone is buying his/her clothes there. You see a shirt, buy it and put it into the laundry and the next day you see your collegue wearing the same. Or a library user is standing in front of wearing your shirt. Can you imagine what I mean and do you know that problem? That's why I sometimes buy at Esprit, S.Oliver or look for other designer clothes at ebay. For example: I still wait for my Rock&Republic Jeans I got there and saved 200 Euro!

Uff, I want to go out and wear my new jacket but I can't. The sun is shining and Saturday the weather shall be very warm and sunny but first there's Friday and it's too long.

Do you know that they give you a biro as present if you pay with credit card at Esprit shops? Well now you know.

What else can I write to you except that boring things that surround me? I don't know. Nothing happened in my life. Well, nothing I want to share in here. Life can be so mean...

Song of the Day: Lene Marlin - I'm sitting down here
6.4.06 14:42

To Space and back again

What a busy weekend!Guys, I'm so tired I just wait for the next weekend to come cos the last one was much too short.
Friday I went to Seba to bring him his new television he bought from Frank and Claudi. I stayed there for the night and Saturday I drove back home but I was less than one hour with my lovely Nins when I had to leave again to meet my cousin Claudi and the others. Later we went to cinema to see "Ice Age II" and all I can say to you is: Go and watch it! It really makes you laugh.
Sunday I escaped of a family lunch with my grandmother and met Jascha. We went for a walk and even took a look at the "Brezgenmarkt". After that my shoes looked terrible and you couldn't figure out their color because of all the dirt. Jascha felt very sorry for that and insisted to get me something to eat. Of course I didn't say no.
Monday I didn't had to work because I had planes with Claudi. After a morning I spent with my mother, I catched Claudi and we drove to Nördlingen to visit Space. Space is a shop that sells Movie-Fan-Stuff and it was amazing to see all that figures and statues. And I couldn't leave without her:

About 40 cm and much more beautiful than the MacFarlane one!
After Space we did some else shopping and went to the Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. There have been so many dogs I wanted to take with me...

Today I spent another evening with Frank and Claudi to see "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost". And tomorrow will be the last day for me to work this week! What a luck! Though I still need some inspirations about what to do Easter week...

Song of the Day: Placebo - Infra-Red
11.4.06 15:36

A hairy free day

No work today! Easter week finally began and I enjoy it the best way I can. That it isn't much as all my friends have to work today. But it isn't that sad.
I slept two hours more than usually and got up at 9 o'clock, had breakfast with the newspaper and now I sit here in front of the laptop, a carrier bag on my head. Looks stupid, but it's the best and cheapest way to do when you are dying parts of your hair. And I do think about a hair extension. We have a new shop here and they do it for a good introductary price...
Later I'll go to the city to catch my lenses and meet Dani. That's all for today. Maybe you've got some ideas? And does anybody want to go with me to London?

Song of the Day: James Blunt - Where is my mind?
13.4.06 10:41

Tomorrow is Bunny-Day!


Happy Easter to all of you!

No, I didn't stay that long with my cousin tonight and went home after "Narnia". But that's good because I got online and who's there? Linny and Jo! It's like an old family meeting! And because of Easter Linny was doing new banners for Jo and me.

Thanx a lot, my Lila-Laune-Maus, you are simply the best!

So let's enjoy spring with this new colourfull layout!

Yes, I know, the day is normally called Easter Sunday, but for me and my Nins it'll be Bunny-Day! It means that they will get a lot of presents from me. I think it fits as I don't know the day of birth of Krümel and Cookie. That's why I decided to make the day eveybody thinks of bunnies to their own celebration day.

Yesterday was a quite funny day. Like always I went to Frank and Claudi and helped them doing their thorough cleaning. After we finished that, Frank and I went out with Nina (the mastiff) for a walk and had a nice chat about men, women and relationships. I really like talking to Frank about stuff like that. Frank is such a cuty. Very often I'm jealous of Claudi for having a boyfriend like him! Where have all the good men gone???
When we finished the walk we went to MacDonalds where Frank made a bulk purchase. Back at home we ate the lot and watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

Today Claudi and I went shopping again. I didn't buy too much, don't you worry. Later I'll be with them again as I don't know where else to go and I don't want to be alone. It's just strange. I'm happy in a way, I have people I can go to and they are happy having them around me. But there are also others. Others I can't be with and haven't seen a long, long time. Will we ever meet again?

Song of the Day: The Cranberries - I can't be with you
15.4.06 17:55

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