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At the Movies

Another week passed by and I was so busy looking for flats, arranging the weddings of Claudi and Frank and keeping to hold up my head at work. Last part isn't that easy at the moment as one collegue really troubles me and says stupid comments about me. Seems to be always like that: one part of your life fits and the other makes trouble.

I renewed the chapter "At the Movies". Linny and Jo started to post their DVD-Collections and I thought that this is really much more intersting than what movies I see (come to think of it that I don't watch that much TV or go to the cinema). So if you want take a look at it. I was really surprised how much there are. But like that I have my own Home Cinema!

Song of the Day: Kasabian - Clubfoot
6.5.06 19:53


Suitings, shoes and flats...

Those three made my day. It all started in the morning when my mum and I went to Ulm to look for dresses for the upcoming wedding of Frank and Claudi. To tell the truth, it was a journey we could have done without because we didn't find the things we were looking for. Ok, I got the brown blazer I hoped to find but then there was trouble as I needed brown shoes, too. So we left the shopping centre and went to the city but no brown shoes! Just white and black ones...
At about 12 o'clock we drove back to Heidenheim and what surprise: there I found brown shoes! What a mess driving so far for nothing!

Later we met with the guy of the housing company to have a look at two flats. The first one was a dream: four rooms, kitchen, bathroom, loo, spare room... all bright-lighted, old-building! But of course too expensive... The second one was ok, too, but the bathroom was like a dark whole with its brown tiles. Good thing was the big living-room and the balcony. But I rather wait for the flat of my collegue's friend. It's nearer to my parents and will be totally renewed these days. Can't believe it, I will be going!

Song of the Day: The Corrs - Summer Vine
8.5.06 21:59

Migraine is disgusting

I should have known it yesterday. When I went to bed I felt this pressure inside my head and today I woke up and felt like I've chrashed into a bus. And like always when I have migraine the weather has changed. It is cloudy and cold outside. So I stayed in bed the whole day, tried to sleep and calm down the headache. What a day...

Song of the day: no music in my head this time
9.5.06 18:51

Silent laughter...

... is what you can hear from me since I left cinema. My colleagues Dani and Claudi went with me to see "Silent Hill". A movie I really waited for as I liked to play the game. But what did I see? The Ring 3??? And why must the hero be a woman? What about Harry Mason? *cry*
All in all it was popcorn cinema and a nice evening with the two girls but the movie was really disappointing.

What else happened since my last entry? Well, let me see...

My bunnies had there first anniversary here. They share my life for a whole year right now!

Me and my colleague Dani got hair extensions. She got a real long one and myself just a few red strands - but it looks amazing!

I had a nice Saturday night all on my own.

Sunday Claudi, Frank and me went to a flee market in a forest. It was fun though our shoes looked with all that dirt because of the rain like army boots when we left the area.

And I don't know what more to tell as I'm tired and longing for my bed...

Song of the Day: RHCP - Dani California
15.5.06 21:57

A Wedding, a Wedding, we had a lovely Wedding!

Oh guys, I still sing "The Wedding Song" from "Corpse Bride" when I remember last Saturday. We've waited for that day so long and now it's gone.

But let's try to remember:

What happened last week despite of going to cinema. I had a lot of stress because of the wedding and there also was my father's birthday on Wednesday. Thursday evening I spent with Oli and Kaah as we had to create the music programme for the wedding. We had so much fun, remembering songs and the times and situations when they were played. But we got a lot of nice songs.
Then it was Saturday. I got up early as me and my mum had to make some cakes. About seven pieces... After doing this we had to manage the presents and get ourselves ready.
At about 1 o'clock Seba and I drove to meet Claudi and Frank. Claudi still rushed through the flat, not knowing if she looked good or not. But she looked gorgeous in her selfmade robe. When Oli K. and Wolfi arrived, we all got into the cars and drove to Steinheim. There we had an aperitif and waited for the other guests.
At the register office everything worked. They exchanged rings, kissed and signed the document. So did Uwe and me as we were the witnesses at the wedding.

After Claudi and Frank cut themselves through a heart-shaped sheet, it was time to go to Dischingen. There we've been awaited by the cakes. Claudi and Frank had to cut the main wedding cake and then we all were busy eating and staring at the other guests. Believe me, when there are about 80 people you have a lot to look.
Later there was dinner and of course the couple had to do their first dance as husband and wife. And as w had no other song, the danced a waltzer to OMD "Maid of Orleans".
After some alcohol even Sandra, Kaah, my brother's girlfriend Natascha and me joined the other dancers, while Stefan helped Oli with the music and Seba made his job as cameraman.
It was such a nice day and I feel so happy for Frank and Claudia.

And here some impressions:

At the register office

Kiss the Bride

Just married

Kaah & me

Love is in the air - Stefan & Natascha

~ * ~ More pics will follow soon ~ * ~

Song of the Day: Schandmaul - Willst du?
25.5.06 20:05

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