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War of the Worlds!

Not that bad but nevertheless very exhausting is the row about parking spaces in the street where I live. Last year a stupid family moved into the flat of the house on the opposite of my parent's one and are now trying to tell us where we (who live in this area for more than 20 years!) can put our cars, or let's say my car. Because of that I'm very aggressively in the last days.

And I'm tired and stressed... Will write more next time.

Of course do my two bunnies still live. Tomorrow I'll make some new pics of them to proof it.

I told my cousin to sew your wedding dress, too ;-)

New DVDs:
Desperate Housewives - Season 1
King of Queens - Season 5
Memoirs of a Geisha

Song of the Day: Ronan Keating - Iris (a cover, but a good one!)
1.6.06 20:38


Sick of it all

Finally my body got his revenge. After two weeks working like a maniac and half the day while suffering another outbreak of my sickness, I can't go on anymore.
That's why you didn't from me last weekend. I was so down, feeling half-dead. And today it wasn't any better and because next week I want to go on holiday, I decided to stay at home and go to the doctor tomorrow. But not only because of the holiday I have to get well soon, but because of the nice birthday party my family plans for Saturday. I hope the weather will be fine as it'll be a barbecue.
More I don't know to tell and I better leave to get to bed again...

Song of the Day: Daniel Powter - Bad Day
6.6.06 21:30

Desperate Yvonnsche...

Yes, tomorrow is my birthday and I'm still sick. My stomache is better but now I suffer a kinda flu like fever, headache and a red nose. Can't believe it... It's the first time in my whole life that I'm sick on my birthday!
And Saturday there'll be the party my friends planned and arranged and I don't wanna miss it. And I'm also desperate because of the holiday next week. I want, no, I need to go!
Please pray with me that I get well soon...

Song of the Day: Keane - Is it any wonder?
8.6.06 20:18

Feeling twenty-eight, acting seventeen

Thanks to all of you sending me your birthday wishes and congratulations. I feel better and able to have my birthday party today though the flu is not over yet. But I won't die and I will go on holiday next week.

Song of the Day: The Corrs - Toss the Feathers
10.6.06 12:03

Back again

Can't believe that the long awaited holiday is already over again.
Tuesday we got home and Thursday I had to work again, though I'd rather be on holiday again. Now I'm thinking about if I should accompany Frank and Claudi to Spain in September... Maybe I really should do this.
Now it's nearly time to go to Oli and Kaah for another barbecue. Tomorrow I'll post the holiday report for you!

Song of the Day: Juanes - A dios le pido
24.6.06 18:11

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