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They're going home, football's going home...

Now I don't have to watch the fucking WM anymore. Why should I when they're gone?
Though he failed, he's my hero and I'd like to have him as my naked charman!

Song of the Day: Lightning Seeds - Three Lions
1.7.06 23:25


No long way home...

has to go the German football team. God must really love me! After England losing Saturday, I had to hear so much stupid stuff about Becks, Rooney, Robinson and Co. And my only wish to God was that the German team would fail, too.
So thanks to God and Ballack, Lehmann and what their names are...
I only watched the matches of England and I won't break my habit and watch the final on Sunday. I really don't care about the WM and am just happy about the new Jeans I got last week, that it's possible to order Volvic Strawberry Water from a shop in Cologne and that Lush Cosmetics are so fab!

So, time to work on a little... Until 6 o'clock...

Song of the Day: The Proclaimers - I'm gonna be
5.7.06 17:04

A year ago today...

I have to congratulate myself today! For one year now I can call myself a library assistent. On 7th of July 2005 I had my verbal examination... Can't believe that it's really a whole year ago. And so much happened since then...

Today I also want to remember the London bomb attacks. I have been in London just a few days after that and felt kinda strange seeing the places and not working tube lines.
And I have been there in December last year and in June and I could not really believe that it really happened because it was like it has always been. Just London!
But it did happen and I haven't forgotten...

Song of the Day: Enya - Only time
7.7.06 11:41

Again Football...

Actually I wanted to put away everything about the WM from my blog, but lovely Linny just gave me this "Stöckchen" and this time I'm too lazy to translate it:

Das schönste WM-Erlebnis?
Beim Spiel Deutschland-Polen auf Sebas Beinen einschlafen...

Das beste Spiel?
Habe zu wenige gesehen, um das beurteilen zu können.

Gab es einen?

Schönstes Trikot?
Natürlich das meiner Lions!

Weltmeister des Herzens?
Natürlich England! Besonders Paul Robinson, David Beckham, Peter Crouch, Michael Owen und Wayne Rooney!

Bestes WM-Bier?
Der Chocolate-Ice-Drink von Starbucks.

Beckham und Robinson!

Das schöne Tor von Beckham!

Rooneys Rote, Englands aus und Zidanes Rote.

War’s schön?
Bin der WM überwiegend aus dem Weg gegangen...

Und jetzt? Mehr Fußball oder reicht’s?
Vorerst bitte nicht mehr. Es nervt, wie manche Menschen aufgrund eines dummen Spiels aggressiv werden können.

Ok, and I throw that Stöckchen to Tinkerbell and Cynthia!

Song of the Day: Sesame Street - Mana mana
11.7.06 14:25

A Song ...

... that makes you happy:
Runrig - Loch Lomond

... that makes you sad:
Die Toten Hosen - Nur zu Besuch

... that depresses you:
ENYA - Only time

... you heard live live before:
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the way

... which takes you into good immediately:
U2 - New Year's Day

... that isn't English nor German:
Juanes - A Dios le pido

... sung by a woman:
Sarah Brightman - Deliver me

... sung by a man:
Josh Groban - You're still you

... you can't sit quiet while playing:
The Kaiser's Chief - I predict a riot

... from your favorite band:
Runrig - The edge of the world

... from a soundtrack:
Danny Elfman - Moon Dance (from Corpse Bride)

... that makes you cry:
East 17 - Stay another day

... that you've got but don't like:
Most all from Robbie Williams

... that you like but doesn't really fit your normally taste of music:
Xavier Naidoo - Dieser Weg

... you could listen over and over again:
The Cranberries - God be with you

... you like to listen while driving:
Maximo Park - Apply some pressure

... which means a lot to you:
Schandmaul - Willst du

... to fall asleep:
James Blunt - You're beautiful

... with which you feel addressed:
Michael Learns To Rock - You keep me running

... you love:
Blackmore's Night - I still remember

... you like to hear while getting up:
Keane - Is it any wonder

... that's too short in your opinion:
Rascal Flatts - What hurts the most

... which it is embarrassing you that you like it:
Gareth Gates - Spirit in the sky

... that remembers you of a time you've been lovesick:
Jewel - Foolish games

... about sex:
Madonna - Erotica

... of your childhood days:
America - The last unicorn

... that makes you dream:
Blackmore's Night - Child in time

... that remembers you of a very special event:
Queen - I want to break free

... which stays for a real good time in your life:
Liberty X - Just a little

... that makes you think about someone:
Gareth Gates - Anyone of us ... makes me think of Kaah and that I'm glad to have her back!

... that should be played at your funeral:
Josh Groban - To where you are

This was another "Stöckchen" from Linny and like always I'll give it to Tinkerbell, Johanna and Cynthia!

Yesterday I have been at the dentist and it was my first appointment after four years! I was so afraid but everything is alright! No caries and the dentist even said I have very very good teeth!

Song of the Day: Vonda Shepard - Hooked on a feeling
19.7.06 15:36

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