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Sorry ...

... that I don't post that much the last days.
I don't know but it seems like time is something I don't have enough of.
What happened since my visit at Cynthia's?
I went to work. Work really annoys me these days as three of my collegues have problems with each other.And believe me it isn't easy to stay out of this.
You just have to say a word and before you can see, you're in their row and all you said or did is held against you. That's terrible. I don't care about their problems, I just want to work in peace and silence!
Thursday Natascha celebrated her birthday and her wish was that all of us go to see Jack Sparrow. So we went to the cinema to see "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". Was nice, but I prefer the first one. But of course Johnny Depp was gorgeous and I'm so happy to be born on the same day like him!
Saturday was my shopping day! I went to Düsseldorf by train to meet some girls I know from the net to go shopping at a designer outlet store for American premium jeans.
It was just a wonderful day to meet the girls and some of them are so nice! I bought myself the Rock & Republic L.A. Crown Jeans and a beautiful Gold Hawk top in green.
After the others nearly bought half the shop we went to the city to have a look around and something to eat. I also bought new Lush cosmetics.
At half past seven I took the train to Singen. Seba waited at the station and we went home together.
And yes, Seba finally got his authorization! Can't believe that he'll start to study here in about six weeks!No more driving, hello and goodbye at weekends!
Sunday we made ourselves a quiet day, only went out for a drink in the evening.
On Monday we fetched Corny at Schramberg and together we drove to Metzingen - the outlet store city ;-)
It was a nice trip and I had to buy Jeans for Stefan, Kaah and Oli. But we really had fun together.
Tuesday I got knocked down by fucking migraine and it took until today to get better. So tomorrow I'll got to work again before Cynthia will be spend the weekend with me.

Song of the Day: Hans Zimmer - Tell me now
3.8.06 16:24


I'm the bad one!

Yesterday I wrote about it, today it is truth. I got to work and heard that my three fighting collegues had a talk with each other. And what happened? They figured out that they don't have any problems with each other but that I'm the one why they are having the fight. I heard to hear from my boss that they told him that I would talk bullshit about them behind their backs! Me? Very nice, because the fight started at the beginning of the year and I began to talk to them about that three weeks ago. But yes, I'm the reason.
Now there's another meeting on Monday which will be the three against me and my only help is Mister P.
Can't wait for it...

Song of the Day: Die Ärzte - Schunder-Song
4.8.06 14:49

The wounds of war

Yes, I'm still alive, even though I suffered a lot the last days.
What can I tell you about the meeting? Well, it wasn't fun at all. Especially as one of the stupid girls, in fact the one that was with me most time, said so much false stuff about me, like that I would fancy the boyfriend of the other and that I'd plan who's going to stay in the library and who not.
You can imagine that all this talk was for nothing as it was statement against statement. At the final I'm the bad one for those three girls but what is important to me is that I'm not the bad one for my boss. That's all that matters and if the three graces need one bad guy to love each other again then let it be me!
I now have to look after myself. That's why I asked my boss for a office change. And it looks like I'll be able to go back to Schwarzi! Then the three can sit together and kill each other, I don't care.
Though I do sound quietly right now, this all didn't pass me quietly. It really made me sick. For days I have problems with my stomach and the doctor's very worried. He even adviced me to change the office, too.
So I'm at home since Tuesday and I'm bored. Nothing happens here and most time I do sleep. I'm surprised about how much I can sleep! And I think now it's time to this again! ;-)

Today I say my love to Simon! Yesterday was his birthday and I wasn't able to congratulate him as he is on holiday with his two girls. Arrghh, I want to be in Malta, too!

And now something funny I got from Moni:

1. My birthday:


2. This showed the Cover of Bravo at my birthday:

3. This song was No.1 in the charts when I was born:

Boney M. - Rivers of Babylon

4. A celeb that shares your birthday:

Johnny Depp & Michael J. Fox, Miroslav Klose

5. A message that was talked about on your birthday (doesn't matter which year):

1952: Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland wird 52. Mitglied der Polizeiorganisation Interpol.
1953: In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland tritt das Gesetz über die Verbreitung jugendgefährdender Schriften in Kraft (Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Schriften).
1972: Der Deutsche Bundestag beschließt die Absenkung des aktiven Wahlalters auf 18 Jahre.
1993: Japans Kronprinz Naruhito heiratet die Bürgerliche Masako Owada.
1920: Das Londoner Imperial War Museum wird eröffnet.
1934: Donald Duck hat seinen ersten Kurzauftritt in dem Zeichentrickfilm Die kluge kleine Henne.
1987: Die Los Angeles Lakers gewinnen eine der spektakulärsten NBA-Finalserien der Geschichte gegen die Boston Celtics, nachdem Lakers-Star Magic Johnson den entscheidenden Korb für sein Team erzielt hatte.
2006: Mit dem torreichsten Eröffnungsspiel in der Geschichte der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaften, einem 4:2 zwischen Deutschlands und Costa Ricas Nationalmannschaften, beginnt in München die WM 2006.

And I'll give this Stöckchen to Cynthia and Tinkerbell.

Song of the Day: Bay City Rollers - Bye bye baby
10.8.06 21:53


Linny gives us every Sunday a nice guy to get a good start into the new week and Jo shows us another dream boy on Wednesday to get us through the other half.
So it's my turn to give us something to get into weekend in a good mood: The Friday-Cutie!

And I give it a start with the man I'd like to wash and have a drink with:

Johnny Depp in his best role ever!

So, now I hope you're all going to have a nice weekend!

Song of the Day: Hans Zimmer - whole POTC-Soundtrack
11.8.06 17:25

A very special day!

Today is a special day because it's someone special's birthday!
So just let me say:

Happy Birthday, Schnuck!
I wish you all the best, all the love and everything you need!
Happy, happy birthday!

Song of the Day: Revolverheld - Mit dir chill'n
14.8.06 21:44

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