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It's Friday and time to present you another cutie! This time it's a musician who is very much into humanity and politics. That makes him even more famous than the pope! *lol*
Ok, sometimes he's talking too much about peace, poverty and war but his messages and songs are gorgeous!

Bono Vox

Bono, go and change the world and I Will Follow you to Where The Streets Have No Name on a Sunday Bloody Sunday. You're The Sweetest Thing, my Desire. On New Year's Day we will see The Unforgettable Fire and we will see our own Pride In The Name Of Love. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For but when I will meet the One on a Beautiful Day at a place celled Vertigo then I Will Stuck In A Moment, maybe Until The End Of The World. I'll be In The City Of Blinding Lights. We will Stay So Far So Close at Zoo Station. I can't live With Or Without You cos you're Even Better Than The Real Thing. So Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses when Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own?

--> How many U2 songs do you find?

Song of the Day: U2 - New Year's Day
1.9.06 20:24



Lovely Linny just gave me again another lousy Stöckchen. And as I don't need it anymore, I give it to Tinkerbell and Cynthia!

1. Do you wear underwear? If so, which one?
Yes, I do, but I don’t have a special brand. But I love Hot Hips by Sloggi.

2. Do you know how to measure a bra?
Not really as I never needed to do it. I go to shop and try and if a bra fits, it’s alright.

3. What’s your favorite ice cream?
What a mess that there’s no Baileys ice cream anymore... But I love “Brauner Bär”.

4. Do you prefer to take a shower or have a bath?
I like both. But in the winter I prefer a long bubble bath.

5. Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset, as sunrise means a whole day at work...

6. Which three things do you always have with you?
Cellphone, keys and a lip care stick.

7. Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse?
Like Linny: Pluto.

8. Right or left-handed?

9. Do you sing while taking a shower?
No, but while driving.

10. Do you talk to your pets?
Of course, but I don’t think that they listen to me.

11. Do you know the real names from your email-friends?
I think so.

12. Did you ever have a pink clothing?
Just bought a cute pink FCUK shirt. But that’s the only one.

13. Do you bite on your lip when you’re nervous?
No. I prefer to talk and talk and talk...

14. Early riser or night-bird?

15. Can you open a bra with just one hand?
Like every woman can!

16. Which tooth paste do you use?

17. Jelly Babies or chewing gum?
Jelly Babies.

18. How old are you?

19. And how old to you want to be?
It’s ok like it is.

20. Penthouse, villa, farm or just a flat?
A farm in Ireland and a nice flat in Chelsea.

21. What pizza do you like most?
Mushrooms and tomatoes.

22. How do you like your coffee?
No coffee, but a lot of tea.

23. Have you ever cooked for others?
I tried so.

24. Have you ever eaten oysters?
No, and I don’t want to.

25. Do you know birthday and age of your parents?
I definately do.

26. Your favorite book?
There isn’t just one.

27. Ever handcuffed someone to a bed?
Maybe yes, maybe not.

28. Are your feet similar?
Good question. I think they are.

29. Do you like garlic?
I don’t miss it.

30. Can you wink with each eye?
Only with the right one.

31. Do you read tables?
Where should I do this?

32. What would you do first if you’d win a million?

33. Pepsi or Coke?
Vanilla Coke.

34. The last time you cried?
Not long ago.

35. Look right, what do you see?
The notice board with a lot of memories on it.

36. With or without Carbonic acid?

37. Do you snore?
No, I think I’m very quiet when I’m asleep.

38. Do you bite pencils or biros?
I never did, I never will.

39. If the door says “pull“, do you nevertheless „push“?
This could happen.

40. If you could repeat a day of you life which one would it be?
I really don’t know. There are so many lucky and sad ones...

41. How would you rate yourself? Shy, fly, high oder dry?

42. French fries or fried potatoes?
French fries.

43. Have you ever fired a gun?
Yes, a Baretta.

44. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit or Owl?
Tigger and Eeyore.

45. Have you ever been to Disneyland/ world/ resort?
No, never.

46. What’s your biggest object?
To live this life.

47. Cream or caramel syrup?

48. Do you smell other people?
How not?

Song of the Day: The Clash - Rock the Casbah
2.9.06 20:42


Can't believe it: there have been just one posting and now there has to be a new Friday Cutie... How time flies...
I'm so sorry I didn't write sooner but I have been so busy:

Monday I just fell at sleep as soon as I've been home from my first day of work after four weeks.

Tuesday was nearly the same.

Wednesday we had this reading at the library. Our guest was Leonie Swann and she read of her book "Glennkill". As I have that book myself I got it signed with a dedication and with a cute sheep drawing. But I got home late.

Thursday I worked again the whole day and spent the evening with my brother and his girlfriend. It really was a quiet evening I enjoyed very much.

Friday: work work work...

So before I'll take care of Cynthia's Stöckchen tomorrow here's the promised Friday Cutie:

Ewan Mcgregor

Just a Scotsman I loved in his roles in "Black Hawk Down" and "Big Fish".

Song of the Day: Evanescence - Call me when you're sober
8.9.06 21:31


A few days ago Cynthia gave me this weird Stöckchen. It was very depressing doing it as all my favorite songs didn't turn up. Maybe Linny, Tinkerbell and Johanna are more lucky than me with this Stöckchen.

1. Open your playlist and mix all songs.
2. Turn for every question to a new song
3. Answer the question with the song-title, even though there’s no sense – and don’t cheat!

1. How do you feel right now?
U2 – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
Yes, I’m still looking for those screws...

2. Will you have success in your life?
Allison Kraus – Baby, now that I found (I won’t let you go)
Maybe I already have everything to reach all of the rest I want.

3. How do your friends notice you?
Clannad – Something to believe in
I hope that my friends really believe in me

4. Will you get married one day?
Vonda Shepard – You belong to me
Does that mean “yes”?

5. What’s the main theme of your best friend?
Girls Aloud – Jump

6. What’s your life’s history?
Die Ärzte – Unrockbar
I have to think of my ex-husband and his fucking Latin music...*lol*

7. How was it at school?
Shania Twain – I’m gonna getcha good
This must be for Mr Zenglein!

8. How can you take your life further?
Die Toten Hosen – Der letzte Kuss
So sad…

9. What’s the best about your friends?
Blink 182 – All the small things
All the small things about them make them my friends.

10. How’ll be today?
Simple Minds – Don’t you (forget about me)
So it’s gonna be a good day?

11. What’ll happen this weekend?
Live – Out to dry
Should I take the laundry out to the sun?

12. Which song describes you most?
Belinda Carlisle – Half the world
In a way that’s right. Most time I’m alone...

13. And your grandparents?
Tori Amos – A sorta fairytale
There’s only one grandma left...

14. How’s your life going like?
Queens of the Stoneage – In my head
Yes, in my head happen a lot of things about my life.

15. Which song will be played at your funeral?
Sarah McLachlan – Shelter
Why didn’t Josh Groban turn up?

16. How does the world notice you?
U2 – Bloody Sunday Bloody
Do I have to make a massacre to make the world notice me???

17. Will you have a happy life?
Cyndi Lauper – True colours
I like this song!

18. What do your friends really think about you?
Bed & Breakfast – I will follow you
Perfect! Where do we go?

19. Do some people fancy you secretly?
Morrissey – To me you are a work of art
I’m something special, yay me!

20. How can you make yourself happy?
Schandmaul – Willst du?
Uhhh, I like this song!

21. What should you do with your life?
The Clash – Should I stay or should I go?
Good question, good answer.

22. Will you ever have children?
Alanis Morissette – So pure
Guess this means “no”. What a luck!

23. How will you die?
Nightwish – Over the hills and far away
So not in Germany???

24. Your life’s motto?
The Pretenders – Don’t get me wrong
People often misunderstand me...

25. What do you think of this questionnaire?
The Cranberries – Ridiculous thoughts
What a stupid questionnaire...

Song of the Day: Wheatus - A little respect
10.9.06 14:34

Let the "Orakel" speak

I found this Namens-Orakel at Linny's and thought it's kinda sweet.

My name: Yvonne

Sie haben eine felxibel Geisteshaltung, vielseitige Fähigkeiten und eine gut ausgebildete Rhetorik. Daraus leiten sich ein gutes Organisations- und Überzeugungsvermögen, so wie eine starke Geschäftstüchtigkeit ab. Sie sind immer in Bewegung und gönnen sich Erholung auch nur auf Reisen und Ausflügen. Deswegen erscheinen sie sehr geschäftig und aktiv. Weiterhin schließen sie schnell neue zwischenmenschliche Kontakte.
Manchmal treten sie ihrer Umgebung launisch, überreitzt oder maßlos aufgedreht gegenüber. Sie gehen oft sehr taktisch vor, was eine gewisse Undurchsichtigkeit mit sich bring.

So go and try it yourself!

Song of the Day: Rupert Everett - I say a little prayer for you
12.9.06 17:55

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