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Thank you for the music

Some time ago, Linny sent me this Stöckchen and now I’ll do and list it here. This time it’s about music, actually about CDs you bought because of one good song just to figure out that the rest of the album isn’t a hit... To me this is’t easy to do because most CDs I already sold on ebay...

1. Juli – Es ist Juli
I bought it as I liked the song “Geile Zeit” but the rest of CD sounded all the same and after listen to it one time I sold it on ebay.

2. In Extremo – 7
After hearing the songs “Küss mich” and “Segel setzen” I felt like I needed this album. Poorly all the other songs were just boring and nearly crap... So it said hello to ebay.

3. ASP – Duett
From all CDs I have from this artist, this one was the worst and I can’t even remember one good song by now. Its fate was the same like so many others CDs of mine had: ebay.

Normally such mistakes don’t happen anymore as now I take my time and listen to the albums before I buy them. And if there are only about two good songs I buy them via musicload. ;-) And isn't it strange that those three CDs are all German artists???

So next ones for this Stöckchen have to be Tinkerbell and Cynthia.

Song of the Day: Muse - Hysteria
25.10.06 20:48


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Nordkind (26.10.06 17:31)
i love your new layout darling. it's very beautiful and once uni is over for this year i will try and read your books. they sound great. stöckchen taken... give me a day though ;-) hope flu is better. huggies

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