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It's gonna be a short week

Yes, this week tells me that I'm so lucky living in Baden-Württemberg. Why? Because I don't have to work on Wednesday! I'm so glad that we have so many holidays here!
Today and tomorrow I have my days off. So it'll be only Thursday and Friday I'll spend at the library.
Yes, I really think all these holidays make it worth to stay in Ba-Wü.

But what happened the last weekend? Saturday I've been to Düsseldorf with the other girls of the Jeans-Forum. We had so much fun and I found myself some nice stuff. Like this cool shirt by Grail:

Sunday I didn't feel much alive so Seba and I stayed at home and went only to see Claudi and Frank in the evening.

You see not that much to tell you. But tomorrow I'll know more for sure ;-) But now it's time to continue my soundtrack. For months now I drive around with one MP3-CD and I can't hear it anymore! *lol*

Song of the Day: Saliva - Rest in Pieces
30.10.06 19:28


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Linny / Website (30.10.06 21:48)
I hate living in Lower Saxony. *hmpf*

Shirt looks great though, love it!

Yvonnsche (30.10.06 22:00)
Move here!
We can have parties and so much more!

Linny / Website (30.10.06 22:01)
Wish I could...but you guys talk so weird... *lol*

Yvonnsche (30.10.06 22:03)
We're not as bad as the Bavarians. And you'll learn it quick because you have so many holydays you can sit down and learn. :-p

Linny / Website (30.10.06 22:05)

Well, maybe one day I'll live down there, though I think there's a bigger chance that I'll live in London one day.

Yvonnsche (30.10.06 22:07)
Good choice!
Seba and I want to live there, too. He'll have the job that let him earn good money and I'll go out and blew it!

Linny / Website (30.10.06 22:08)
And I'll help ya! FOR SURE! *muahahaha*

Seba (30.10.06 22:09)
my money!!!!!!!!

Yvonnsche (30.10.06 22:10)
OURS, my dear!
What's yours is mine.

Linny / Website (30.10.06 22:10)
No longer, my friend.

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