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Final Words

Ok guys, long time not a simple word from me and now it's time to write this and say goodbye. Yes, goodbye. Not just: see you at the new blogg, but goodbye. Why? I had more than a month without a blogg and I really didn't miss it. I also don't want to prostitute my life any longer in the www. In the last weeks I found out that my life is too busy to write now and then an entry but also to boring to write now and then an entry. I hope you understand.. ;-)
I also noticed that a blogg lets friendships die in a way as you only read what happens to the people, leave a comment and that's it. So no more stupid lines and words.
You can still reach me via email and I'd be happy to hear from you but I won't be present on a blogg anymore.

Lots of hugs,

10.1.07 15:54


3 2 1 ... mine!

Guys, I love ebay! I don't know how I could have lived all this time without it. Nearly nothing is impossible! You can get so much stuff. Things you really need, things you might have to have, things you just like.
If you're lucky you get your desire for an apple but it's also the kick when you sit in front of the computer, waiting the last seconds to pass by and hoping that you're highest bidder.
In the last years I got so much nice things because of ebay. Nice things I didn't find somewhere else.
And I also made good money with selling stuff. It's amazing how old CDs, books, DVDs and even cloths can be sold. And for the money I make with that I can get myself new things!
So, I admit: I'm an ebayana!

Song of the Day: MCR - Famous last words
6.11.06 20:09

Linny saved my day!

Isn’t life sometimes wonderful? There I sat, wondering about what to post today and then I saw this nice ABC-Stöcken at Linny's and just grapped it myself. So let’s start and see, what comes up to my mind at every letter:

A like Audi
You might not know it but I really hate the brand Audi. An Audi was involved in the first car accident I ever had. So Audi is a crap car.

B like Baguette
One of the less things I like about the French.

C like Cousin Claudia
My life here would be so boring without her. And she’s really one of the most important persons in my life.

D like Dickmanns
I love Mohrenköpfe!

E like Eileen
My funny little friend.

F like Friends
Most of them I don’t see a lot and that makes me sad.

G like Google
Thanks to google I find so many nice pics.

H like Home
Not long and I’ll have my own new one.

I like Internet
Many things I wouldn’t have done and many people I wouldn’t have met without it.

J like Jeans
Espeacially the brand Rock & Republic!

K like Knowledge
I want more of it!

L like London
The most beautiful city in the world1

M like My Chemical Romance
I want to go to the concert!

N like Nins
My two baby bunnies Krümel and Cookie.

O like Opportunity
I’m longing for new ones.

P like Pet
I can’t imagine my life without any pet.

Q like Queen
The first band I was crazy about.

R like Rain
I like it at night when I lie in bed and listen to the rain.

S like Stefan and Seba
Two guys that don’t really simplify my life.

T like Twilight
My favourite book at the moment.

U like Umbrella
I never owned one.

V like Voyage
I want to go on one, too.

W like Winter
A season I like.

X like X-Men
Such crap movies... The only good thing about them is Hugh Jackman.

Y like Yvonne
My name ! Took long time till I liked it.

Z like Zombie
I want a new Resident Evil video game!

This Stöckchen wasn’t easy to do. At some letters I had hardly no idea and other ones gave me so much to think of that I couldn’t really decide which words to take. I hope no one will be upset cos his/her name didn’t appear...
I throw this nice Stöckchen to Tinkerbell and Cynthia.

Song of the Day: Linkin park - Numb
5.11.06 19:19


Actually I wanted to post Keanu Reeves as today's cutie. Last night we watched "The Lake House" and what I supposed would be a slimy love story really surprised me. I even liked this movie. It is so moving! But about love I want to write tomorrow, so let's get back to the cutie.
As I finally sat down and looked for pics of Keanu I suddenly had to think of an other actor I do like. A figur of the video game "Obscure" reminded me of him. Well, maybe because the story of the game that Seba and I play at the moment reminds of "The Faculty" and that's why I chose him as today's Friday Cutie:

Josh Hartnett

Oh my God, this cutie's below the thirties and at the same age like me. And I loved this bloke with the cute gap between his incisors. I remember watching "The Faculty" at the cinema, after that trying hard to get informations about him - but nothing. On video I got his first appearance "Halloween - H20". What a bad movie... There followed more movies like "The Virgin Suicides", "Here on Earth" and the really funny "Blow Dry" featuring Alan Rickman. But then Josh got his first big role: Pearl Harbor. Though the movie wasn't that breath-taking I went to see it three times! Just because of Josh (yes, I was young and not that clever as now )But I got my compensation with "Black Hawk Down". That was his best part until now! Besides "Wicker Park". And of course he looked smart in "Sin City", too...

Ok, before this old girl gets stuck in teenage enthusiam she better gets her sale going on ebay.

Song of the Day: Garbage - You look so fine
3.11.06 19:42

Snow in the Sunshine

Can anybody tell me what this weather is about? I know after all these beautiful days it's time for winter, but what the fuck was this today?
In the morning people had to scratch the windows of their cars. It was foggy and cold and after a while even snow was falling.
At midday there was nothing left of snow and fog, but the sun was shining bride above the roofs and my mum could even bring the laundry outside to dry.
And then at about 3 o'clock the sky changed again and when I looked through the window I could see little snowflakes falling down to earth.
And not long ago it was raining!
Yes, you up there, could you please decide yourself for one thing and not all three at one day!
If not it seems like you're totally displaced in your job! So if you wanna leave and do my job so that I can do yours, please let me know. ;-)

Song of the Day: Blue Monday - Hate me
2.11.06 20:57

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