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Snow in the Sunshine

Can anybody tell me what this weather is about? I know after all these beautiful days it's time for winter, but what the fuck was this today?
In the morning people had to scratch the windows of their cars. It was foggy and cold and after a while even snow was falling.
At midday there was nothing left of snow and fog, but the sun was shining bride above the roofs and my mum could even bring the laundry outside to dry.
And then at about 3 o'clock the sky changed again and when I looked through the window I could see little snowflakes falling down to earth.
And not long ago it was raining!
Yes, you up there, could you please decide yourself for one thing and not all three at one day!
If not it seems like you're totally displaced in your job! So if you wanna leave and do my job so that I can do yours, please let me know. ;-)

Song of the Day: Blue Monday - Hate me
2.11.06 20:57


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Nordkind (2.11.06 23:27)
Oh, i want snow as well- like proper snow though ;-)
Thanks- I loved my hair as well. I am so gonna let my hair grow now. No more short hair for me. Time for a change anyway ;-)
Oh, I love your new blog so much every time i see it again!

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