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Actually I wanted to post Keanu Reeves as today's cutie. Last night we watched "The Lake House" and what I supposed would be a slimy love story really surprised me. I even liked this movie. It is so moving! But about love I want to write tomorrow, so let's get back to the cutie.
As I finally sat down and looked for pics of Keanu I suddenly had to think of an other actor I do like. A figur of the video game "Obscure" reminded me of him. Well, maybe because the story of the game that Seba and I play at the moment reminds of "The Faculty" and that's why I chose him as today's Friday Cutie:

Josh Hartnett

Oh my God, this cutie's below the thirties and at the same age like me. And I loved this bloke with the cute gap between his incisors. I remember watching "The Faculty" at the cinema, after that trying hard to get informations about him - but nothing. On video I got his first appearance "Halloween - H20". What a bad movie... There followed more movies like "The Virgin Suicides", "Here on Earth" and the really funny "Blow Dry" featuring Alan Rickman. But then Josh got his first big role: Pearl Harbor. Though the movie wasn't that breath-taking I went to see it three times! Just because of Josh (yes, I was young and not that clever as now )But I got my compensation with "Black Hawk Down". That was his best part until now! Besides "Wicker Park". And of course he looked smart in "Sin City", too...

Ok, before this old girl gets stuck in teenage enthusiam she better gets her sale going on ebay.

Song of the Day: Garbage - You look so fine
3.11.06 19:42


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