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Linny saved my day!

Isn’t life sometimes wonderful? There I sat, wondering about what to post today and then I saw this nice ABC-Stöcken at Linny's and just grapped it myself. So let’s start and see, what comes up to my mind at every letter:

A like Audi
You might not know it but I really hate the brand Audi. An Audi was involved in the first car accident I ever had. So Audi is a crap car.

B like Baguette
One of the less things I like about the French.

C like Cousin Claudia
My life here would be so boring without her. And she’s really one of the most important persons in my life.

D like Dickmanns
I love Mohrenköpfe!

E like Eileen
My funny little friend.

F like Friends
Most of them I don’t see a lot and that makes me sad.

G like Google
Thanks to google I find so many nice pics.

H like Home
Not long and I’ll have my own new one.

I like Internet
Many things I wouldn’t have done and many people I wouldn’t have met without it.

J like Jeans
Espeacially the brand Rock & Republic!

K like Knowledge
I want more of it!

L like London
The most beautiful city in the world1

M like My Chemical Romance
I want to go to the concert!

N like Nins
My two baby bunnies Krümel and Cookie.

O like Opportunity
I’m longing for new ones.

P like Pet
I can’t imagine my life without any pet.

Q like Queen
The first band I was crazy about.

R like Rain
I like it at night when I lie in bed and listen to the rain.

S like Stefan and Seba
Two guys that don’t really simplify my life.

T like Twilight
My favourite book at the moment.

U like Umbrella
I never owned one.

V like Voyage
I want to go on one, too.

W like Winter
A season I like.

X like X-Men
Such crap movies... The only good thing about them is Hugh Jackman.

Y like Yvonne
My name ! Took long time till I liked it.

Z like Zombie
I want a new Resident Evil video game!

This Stöckchen wasn’t easy to do. At some letters I had hardly no idea and other ones gave me so much to think of that I couldn’t really decide which words to take. I hope no one will be upset cos his/her name didn’t appear...
I throw this nice Stöckchen to Tinkerbell and Cynthia.

Song of the Day: Linkin park - Numb
5.11.06 19:19


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Linny / Website (5.11.06 19:23)
Your funny little friend is smiling. Nearly grinning. Thanks for doing this, hon! Love you!

Nordkind (5.11.06 23:53)
Uuuh, I love Josh Hartnett *schmacht*... and when I have finished my Bibliography tonight I will work on your Stöckchen- I 'll try to remember.;-) Cuudelz

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