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Just a lost mind...

that's what I seem to be.

But let's tell you more about myself. My name is Yvonne and I'm 27 years old, born under the horoscope of Gemini, what means that I tend to schizophrenical behaviour at times cos inside myself many moods keep meeting and never ever can come to an agreement about whose turn it is.
Despite of that my moods and I are able to have a normal job - well, that's what I think about it but sometines I have some doubts about it all.
I'm an assistent at the library in my hometown. I have a passion for writing and reading and even wrote some stuff of my own.
Also I love to travel, especially to the green islands like Ireland and Britain, where I can meet a lot of sheep.
These animals I really do like, but also - like nearly every girl - I love horses and dogs.
But my whole love goes to my two baby bunnies Krümel (Crumby) and Cookie. The two of them really keep me busy with their stupidity and cheeky behaviour. They live in a very big cage but get outside everytime I'm at home - and they really take their chances and start to drag at the wallpaper or make an own take-away-service at their goodies-box.

If you want to know more about likes/dislikes of me, just have a look at "my musts". There you'll get a lot informations.
So have fun and enjoy your stay!



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